Shoes with red undersoles

Shoes with red undersoles by Louboutin
valeyoshino / CC BY

I like shoes as much as the next girl, but I’ve not really been the most fashion savvy on the subject and the goings-on in the world of fashionable footwear. I think it was after several years of seeing and being fascinated by red under-sole shoes that I came to know of Louboutin shoes and how they’d started the whole trend before the knock-offs and me-toos spread the seed of red undersoles in women’s black stilettos in particular.

Here’s a picture of the originals then, with Louboutin emblazoned in clear and prominent style on the packaging below. Even with what little of the actual shoes are visible here, you can tell that these area classy pair of shoes for sure. Blacks are always a classic in most fashion accessories, but I guess the red sole just makes it that much more special. A little signal to flash at odd moments when the underneath of your shoes can be seen at all by anyone. You can’t see them, of course, but you know that silky red is there.

Red Shoe Gardener

Woman in red shoes in a garden
cc licensed flickr photo shared by jesse.millan

A woman wearing bright red shoes, with classy handbag in tow, tip-toes into a garden to rummage through the bushes. A mysterious image that suggests a story behind it, but what that story is I could not say. The red shoes against the garden green, and the fact that you can only see her legs make it a very arresting image. I wonder what she’s looking for.