Girl in red belt sitting on a railway track

Girl in red belt and blue skirt sitting on a railway track
The Million Dollar Project / CC BY-NC-ND

A red accent does wonders to an ensemble. Fashion accessories are often good carriers of accent colours and this photograph of a model sitting on railway tracks is a great example. The cool colours of her deep blue skirt and her white and grey blouse are well offset by the red in her lips and the striking red of her thin belt. Adding to it is the red belt itself which is slender rather than broad and works beautifully with the patterned blouse by being a braided rope belt; Two textures in an otherwise flat coloured look. A good use of contrasts.

Beyond the fashions and red accessories, I do love this photograph purely as an image. It has a simple openness to it that makes you want to keep looking. The model is inviting and the scene seems to lead you into the distance on journeys and adventures beyond this lovely green place.

Autumn Leaves on a Mushroom

Autumn Leaves on a Mushroom
cc licensed flickr photo shared by rawheadrex

The beauty is in the details. This great shot of a few brown and red autumn leaves fallen on to one of those bracket mushrooms or toadstools that grow off the side of fallen barks, is a study in showing just enough. We can see the great textures of the leaves and the mushroom, the bright red colour of the one leaf, and the rest is beautifully out of focus. There are hints of a rocky ground and the woods surrounding us, but only a hint, and that makes this image better.

Tuna Cactus Apple Fruit

Bloodied Readhead Mime
cc licensed flickr photo shared by stevendepolo

There are no colours as intense as those found in nature, and there are no patterns or textures as complex and chaotic as those in nature. The deep red innards of this cactus apple are a prime example of both. The detail of that flesh is mesmerising, and that makes this photo both appetising (cactus apples can be very tasty), and hypnotic. The plain white background highlights the effect.