Blonde in a red lace dress

Blonde in a red lace dress
Cotin Sposa Classic / CC BY-NC-ND

A blonde in a red dress is as iconic as it gets, and this fine blonde woman in a classic red dress with heavy skirt and a fitting bodice is even better and more iconic. I’m fairly sure this was taken keeping historical romance novels in mind. Could easily be a cover image.

Speaking of corsets and bodice ripping, the piece worn in this picture is quite nice. Not so loud as to be all in red, this bodice is made of a dark pink fabric, overlaid with white lace, and punctuated by red satin lines which follow the lines of the body and perfectly accentuate all the right curves. This probably will look like a bit much on a red head, but I’d still love to wear that lace corset.

Girl in red belt sitting on a railway track

Girl in red belt and blue skirt sitting on a railway track
The Million Dollar Project / CC BY-NC-ND

A red accent does wonders to an ensemble. Fashion accessories are often good carriers of accent colours and this photograph of a model sitting on railway tracks is a great example. The cool colours of her deep blue skirt and her white and grey blouse are well offset by the red in her lips and the striking red of her thin belt. Adding to it is the red belt itself which is slender rather than broad and works beautifully with the patterned blouse by being a braided rope belt; Two textures in an otherwise flat coloured look. A good use of contrasts.

Beyond the fashions and red accessories, I do love this photograph purely as an image. It has a simple openness to it that makes you want to keep looking. The model is inviting and the scene seems to lead you into the distance on journeys and adventures beyond this lovely green place.

Red parasol in the bazaar

Red parasol in the bazaar
Chris JL / CC BY-NC-ND

The parasol or umbrella is a world-wide basic tool, but the red paper parasol remains a strong property of the East. Red parasols are woven into far eastern culture and myth, making them as much of a cultural symbol as a useful accessory. A red parasol filtering the sunlight that streams through dusty alleyways and narrow lanes, lends an air of the exotic to any street scene. Even if not set in the bazaars of the east, like this photograph here, a red parasol stands out from the rest, setting apart its bearer and begging the witness to ask questions of the one who bears it. Who they are, where they are headed and what story they will weave in the world. Like a bright red pin in a map, it calls attention to itself, and adding a certain mystery to the scenery. A red ‘X’ marking the spot, but to what treasures?