Red rug and red flower still-life

Red rug under a yellow stool holding a red flower in a blue vase
IDA Interior LifeStyle / CC BY-NC-ND

This is both a piece of interior design and work of art. It’s stark, bold and clearly designed piece like this that are probably the best material on training and education people on interior design techniques and sensibilities, even if this might have been designed purely as a striking visual.

To describe this in detail, is its own reward and challenge, and goes to show you how much of the world we take in and absorb in a glance. In the picture, a bright red circular rug sits on a parquet wood floor, next to a plain white wall and a dark wood wall base or finishing border. On the rug stands a simple, four-legged wooden stool painted light yellow, with the paint a little worn at the edges. on the stool stands a fish-bowl-shaped transparent blue glass vase filled with water. In it’s narrow necked, flared lip opening sits a single red carnation flower. On the red rug, right in front of one of the legs of the stool is placed a set of light and dark red salt and pepper shakers shaped like two figures embracing.

Now that’s a mouth full!