Autumn leaves falling around a dancing red-headed girl

Autumn leaves falling around a dancing red-headed girl
orangeacid / CC BY-NC

This redhead and her outfit are so down my alley. Similar hair-length, though different shade of red, she looks quite lovely in the white blouse and fitting blue jacket. Well warmed against the autumn weather like that and with browned leaves falling, I’d dance with joy too.

It’s a lovely photo, with her extended hands, the slightly blurred falling leaves, and the very shallow focus which blurs out the old brick buildings behind her. It hints at a story of the red headed girl and makes you want to know more about who she is why she’s dancing.

Red-wigged girl eating a strawberry

Red wig wearing girl eating a strawberry
chris.chabot / CC BY-NC

Red wigs have always reminded of clowns and red noses and large shoes, but wigs have had more than entertainment value in the past, from ceremony to uniform. With the birth of Japanese anime and its propensity for colourfully-haired characters, bright coloured wigs and hair became the staple of comic cons and the cosplay circuit. That aesthetic has slowly creeped into fashion, fantasy and all manner of popular culture.

It’s now easy to get your hand on brightly coloured wigs in most costume stores and even red hair dyes and the like in even regular cosmetic stores. Makes it easier for someone to make the striking visual connection between model, make-up and prop as in this stark shot of a model wearing a red-wig, eating a large red strawberry.

Bloodied Mime

Bloodied Readhead Mime
cc licensed flickr photo shared by buyalex

I’m not a fan of blood and gore, but the effect is obviously artificial after the first look at this picture, and it makes a for a very striking image. The redheaded woman in mime-like makeup and bold red lipstick, looking forlornly into the distance is intriguing enough, but why is her throat slit?