Lots of red shoes on grass

Lots of red shoes on grass
*Lie … off for a while … ! / CC BY-NC

A girl can never have too many shoes, it would seem, and at least a few of us can never have too many red shoes. For those of us who are lovers of red shoes, this photograph is a virtual pictorial paradise. This is quite the collection of crimson footwear, including a strappy stiletto, several open toed slip-ons, shapely heeled shoes, a red leather moccasin, a red converse running shoe, and my personal favourite, a heeled red leather boot. Any shoe lover would be quite satisfied with this collection and any red shoe fan would be quite over the moon about it. Our congratulations and respect to the original owner. Never has a more fashionable replacement of red autumn leaves laid out on grass been conceived.

Polka Dotted Red Peasant Dress

Polka Dotted Red Peasant Dress
cc licensed flickr photo shared by huzzahvintage

The only thing that would get me to ignore a gorgeous red dress like this one would be even better looking red shoes. But that fact that this dress has polka dots just might tip it in its favour. If you were wearing this, who cares about the shoes? Well, ok, I do, but one unneccessary shopping aquisition at a time, thanks!

I love the classic cut of this outfit, which goes perfectly with the polka dot pattern. I think the use of polka dots has been hightly underrated in recent fashions. More power to designers who take the chance.

Fresh Out of the Oven Flashes Red

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s latest video release, Fresh Out of the Oven, is not my usual taste in music, but a few stills of all the gratuitous red lipstick shots made me curious.

As music videos go, it is fairly par for the course by now, slick editing, colour grading, and dramatic lighting are in attendence. The song itself tries too hard and ends up sounding too generic. The video uses a classic and stark black, white and red colour palette. The blacks and white are not too strong, but subtle, and the red is mostly provided by J Lo’s dark red lips, which get plenty of screen time.

The surprising bit of red in the video was her leopard print stilletos with a red underside! Yes, the bottom of her shoes are red, and since she does spend the requisite time writhing around to the music, the red under soles are clearly visible. Now that’s a new twist to red shoes, and for such visual touches the video is worth a quick watch, even if the stupid repetition editing looks like a budgetary restraint, rather than a stylistic choice.

Of course, if you’re a J Lo fan, all these points are moot, and you’re probably already drooling and paying homage by now, so enjoy.

Red Shoe Gardener

Woman in red shoes in a garden
cc licensed flickr photo shared by jesse.millan

A woman wearing bright red shoes, with classy handbag in tow, tip-toes into a garden to rummage through the bushes. A mysterious image that suggests a story behind it, but what that story is I could not say. The red shoes against the garden green, and the fact that you can only see her legs make it a very arresting image. I wonder what she’s looking for.