Red cocktail dress in bathtub

Red cocktail dress woman soaking in a bathtub
Charming Potion / CC BY-NC-ND

A red cocktail dress is perhaps the very picture of publicity, while a bathtub is most private and personal, and folded within the realms of home and personal comfort. Cocktail dresses are meant to be seen, red ones certainly so, and in our bathtubs we hide and step away from the world with ourselves, only the water to soothe us. The juxtaposition of the two clashing worlds is what makes this image striking, the public face meeting he private face in a dramatically drenched scene. The bright red cocktail dress and the bright red lips on a made up face, usually meant to call attention, here soaking in anonymous privacy away from prying eyes, lost in water and wanton relaxation. Not to mention that floating in a bathtub wearing a red cocktail dress must be quite the outlandish personal experience, with many stories to tell.

Red-wigged girl eating a strawberry

Red wig wearing girl eating a strawberry
chris.chabot / CC BY-NC

Red wigs have always reminded of clowns and red noses and large shoes, but wigs have had more than entertainment value in the past, from ceremony to uniform. With the birth of Japanese anime and its propensity for colourfully-haired characters, bright coloured wigs and hair became the staple of comic cons and the cosplay circuit. That aesthetic has slowly creeped into fashion, fantasy and all manner of popular culture.

It’s now easy to get your hand on brightly coloured wigs in most costume stores and even red hair dyes and the like in even regular cosmetic stores. Makes it easier for someone to make the striking visual connection between model, make-up and prop as in this stark shot of a model wearing a red-wig, eating a large red strawberry.

Kiss Me Red

Bloodied Readhead Mime
cc licensed flickr photo shared by poolski

A hint of red lipstick on a pair of beautiful lips. A strong light that casts soft shadows on the face, and makes the skin glow. I believe in the world of computer graphics they call it Sub Surface Scattering. I call it beatiful. Sometimes it’s nice to see a detail like this almost without context or environment. It reminds us of how much we stop seeing out of habit.

Fresh Out of the Oven Flashes Red

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s latest video release, Fresh Out of the Oven, is not my usual taste in music, but a few stills of all the gratuitous red lipstick shots made me curious.

As music videos go, it is fairly par for the course by now, slick editing, colour grading, and dramatic lighting are in attendence. The song itself tries too hard and ends up sounding too generic. The video uses a classic and stark black, white and red colour palette. The blacks and white are not too strong, but subtle, and the red is mostly provided by J Lo’s dark red lips, which get plenty of screen time.

The surprising bit of red in the video was her leopard print stilletos with a red underside! Yes, the bottom of her shoes are red, and since she does spend the requisite time writhing around to the music, the red under soles are clearly visible. Now that’s a new twist to red shoes, and for such visual touches the video is worth a quick watch, even if the stupid repetition editing looks like a budgetary restraint, rather than a stylistic choice.

Of course, if you’re a J Lo fan, all these points are moot, and you’re probably already drooling and paying homage by now, so enjoy.

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