Skier in a red helmet on a slope

Skier in a red helmet wooshing down a slope
New Brunswick Tourism | Tourisme Nouveau-Brunswick / CC BY

As surely as our warm red blood courses through our arteries, the colour red has an unmistakable connection for us with vitality and speed. There is a reason the classic sports car is red. When demons are red, speed demons have no choice but to comply with the red colour code.

It’s nice to see that the red connection with uncontrollable speed works even in simpler things. This shot of a skier speeding down a slope in a red ski helmet would look a lot less dramatic and a lot slower to me if they were sporting a yellow or green ski helmet, for example. The red ads an urgency and vitality to it and with that comes the thrill of the sport and the rush and the drama of human power against the weather and natural forces, and the red of the finish line.

Red dresses and Indian saris in the UK

Red dresses and Indian saris in the UK
Fin Fahey / CC BY-SA

I’m infatuated enough with red colour fashions as it is, and when I come across something as exotic looking as this, I am even more in love. This window of red Indian saris and traditional Indian dresses, all in red, is mind-blowing. The bold colour, the elegant drapery, all seem out of another world. I’ve seen women wearing saris before, on one or two occasions, and have looked it up enough on the internet to want to try these out one day. Like a great dinner dress, I assume carrying one of these off requires a certain amount of confidence and pose from the wearer. Would love to give it a shot one day. Perhaps I need to track down some helpful Indian neighbours, or stalk old Indian college acquaintances on Facebook and ask for Indian fashion advice.

Autumn Leaves on a Mushroom

Autumn Leaves on a Mushroom
cc licensed flickr photo shared by rawheadrex

The beauty is in the details. This great shot of a few brown and red autumn leaves fallen on to one of those bracket mushrooms or toadstools that grow off the side of fallen barks, is a study in showing just enough. We can see the great textures of the leaves and the mushroom, the bright red colour of the one leaf, and the rest is beautifully out of focus. There are hints of a rocky ground and the woods surrounding us, but only a hint, and that makes this image better.

Tomato Power

The health benefits of tomatoes as a food have been touted for some time now. They have a high vitamin C content which helps with heart disease and cholestrol levels in the blood stream.

It would seem the little red fruit still has some tricks up its sleeve.

… a team at Reading University has found that eating the fruit leaves one feel satisfied, suppressing the urge to snack, and also help one shed the excess weight …
… it could be because tomatoes are rich in compounds that alter levels of appetite hormones, making them an easy — and cheap — way to keep hunger pangs at bay. In fact, the study is based on findings from research into the benefits of enriching white bread with fruit as well as vegetables.

The research was being conducted to find out what effect vegetables have when used to fortify regular bread. It was thought high-fibre foods like carrot would make bread seem more filling to the eater, instead it was found that tomato added into bread had that effect.

Researchers believe this is the result of tomatoes regulating the level of appetite inducing hormones in the body. They have yet to pin point what component of the tomato is responsible for this effect, but it is suopected that Lycopene, the pigment that colours the fruit their red colour, might be responsible. The red pigment has already been found to have beneficial effects against cancer and infertility. More studies are required to see if this is yet another benefit of the tomato red.

[From News Hyderabad]

Fresh Out of the Oven Flashes Red

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s latest video release, Fresh Out of the Oven, is not my usual taste in music, but a few stills of all the gratuitous red lipstick shots made me curious.

As music videos go, it is fairly par for the course by now, slick editing, colour grading, and dramatic lighting are in attendence. The song itself tries too hard and ends up sounding too generic. The video uses a classic and stark black, white and red colour palette. The blacks and white are not too strong, but subtle, and the red is mostly provided by J Lo’s dark red lips, which get plenty of screen time.

The surprising bit of red in the video was her leopard print stilletos with a red underside! Yes, the bottom of her shoes are red, and since she does spend the requisite time writhing around to the music, the red under soles are clearly visible. Now that’s a new twist to red shoes, and for such visual touches the video is worth a quick watch, even if the stupid repetition editing looks like a budgetary restraint, rather than a stylistic choice.

Of course, if you’re a J Lo fan, all these points are moot, and you’re probably already drooling and paying homage by now, so enjoy.