Red rug and red flower still-life

Red rug under a yellow stool holding a red flower in a blue vase
IDA Interior LifeStyle / CC BY-NC-ND

This is both a piece of interior design and work of art. It’s stark, bold and clearly designed piece like this that are probably the best material on training and education people on interior design techniques and sensibilities, even if this might have been designed purely as a striking visual.

To describe this in detail, is its own reward and challenge, and goes to show you how much of the world we take in and absorb in a glance. In the picture, a bright red circular rug sits on a parquet wood floor, next to a plain white wall and a dark wood wall base or finishing border. On the rug stands a simple, four-legged wooden stool painted light yellow, with the paint a little worn at the edges. on the stool stands a fish-bowl-shaped transparent blue glass vase filled with water. In it’s narrow necked, flared lip opening sits a single red carnation flower. On the red rug, right in front of one of the legs of the stool is placed a set of light and dark red salt and pepper shakers shaped like two figures embracing.

Now that’s a mouth full!

Red chandelier over a minimal dining table

Red chandelier over a minimal dining table
coco+kelley / CC BY-NC

I love modern, minimal interior design with classical trims and motifs. This dining room with wood panel flooring and very traditional wooden doors is the perfect example, with it’s sleek dinning table to offset it’s classical influences. The absolute cherry on top is the striking red chandelier hanging over the table. I assume it’s red plastic, or metal painted red for the main structure of it. Combining that with many hanging threads or chains, gives the chandelier the appearance of giant red tassels. It is quite the striking conversation piece and visual accent to the room.

At night, when the the red chandelier is lit, I’d like to see how much the nature of the room changes. I assume red will go from accent to major colour theme as the reflected red light fills the white walls and the already warm wooden flooring. A great use of red lighting fixtures.

Red refrigerator dented and abandoned

Red refrigerator dented and abandoned
jso888 / CC BY-NC-SA

The ubiquity of household equipment has dulled the sense of their specialness to some extent, but there was a time when they were a magical thing for most and the stylishly designed red refrigerator was not unheard of. In fact, such pieces of domestic fashion are everywhere to be seen in the optimistic Americana of the 50s, when a labour saving device in every household or any such luxury was a sign of the prosperous future after the down times of the war. This aesthetic still exists, of course, now mostly reserved to high-end brands of furniture and appliances, to be used in modernist interior design masterpieces by the discerning clients and designers. But surely a red refrigerator isn’t too much to ask for, as warning buoy in the minefield of every urban kitchen, or as smart stylistic statement in those otherwise drab, beige and white interiors we now consider the adequate home. A little colour never hurt anyone.