Shoes with red undersoles

Shoes with red undersoles by Louboutin
valeyoshino / CC BY

I like shoes as much as the next girl, but I’ve not really been the most fashion savvy on the subject and the goings-on in the world of fashionable footwear. I think it was after several years of seeing and being fascinated by red under-sole shoes that I came to know of Louboutin shoes and how they’d started the whole trend before the knock-offs and me-toos spread the seed of red undersoles in women’s black stilettos in particular.

Here’s a picture of the originals then, with Louboutin emblazoned in clear and prominent style on the packaging below. Even with what little of the actual shoes are visible here, you can tell that these area classy pair of shoes for sure. Blacks are always a classic in most fashion accessories, but I guess the red sole just makes it that much more special. A little signal to flash at odd moments when the underneath of your shoes can be seen at all by anyone. You can’t see them, of course, but you know that silky red is there.

Lots of red shoes on grass

Lots of red shoes on grass
*Lie … off for a while … ! / CC BY-NC

A girl can never have too many shoes, it would seem, and at least a few of us can never have too many red shoes. For those of us who are lovers of red shoes, this photograph is a virtual pictorial paradise. This is quite the collection of crimson footwear, including a strappy stiletto, several open toed slip-ons, shapely heeled shoes, a red leather moccasin, a red converse running shoe, and my personal favourite, a heeled red leather boot. Any shoe lover would be quite satisfied with this collection and any red shoe fan would be quite over the moon about it. Our congratulations and respect to the original owner. Never has a more fashionable replacement of red autumn leaves laid out on grass been conceived.

Girl in red belt sitting on a railway track

Girl in red belt and blue skirt sitting on a railway track
The Million Dollar Project / CC BY-NC-ND

A red accent does wonders to an ensemble. Fashion accessories are often good carriers of accent colours and this photograph of a model sitting on railway tracks is a great example. The cool colours of her deep blue skirt and her white and grey blouse are well offset by the red in her lips and the striking red of her thin belt. Adding to it is the red belt itself which is slender rather than broad and works beautifully with the patterned blouse by being a braided rope belt; Two textures in an otherwise flat coloured look. A good use of contrasts.

Beyond the fashions and red accessories, I do love this photograph purely as an image. It has a simple openness to it that makes you want to keep looking. The model is inviting and the scene seems to lead you into the distance on journeys and adventures beyond this lovely green place.

Red Digital Cams Are Cool

As digital camera’s have grown from technological curiosity, to useful tools, to their current status as gadget toys and fashion accessories, they’ve shed some of the inhibitions they carried over from being a serious photographic tool. In the film era camera’s were fairly utilitarian things. As more consumer interest in cameras grew you found a rise in more stylish and shiney camera stylings and colours but mose photographers preferered the ever unobtrusive black.

If you want to go in the obtrusive and attention grabbing direction, nothing says cool photographer like a red digital camera, and you thankfully have a wide range to choose from in today’s marketplace. If you’re in the market for a tiny pocketable compact with a hot red streak, you might want to look at the Canon IXUS range or the Nikon Coolpix S70, which are both available in red versions. The IXUS range is a particularly reliable range of cameras which have always been known for their dependable image quality and attractive styling. The red version adds a whole differentlevel of fashion awareness to what is basically a very solid compact digital camera.

Another interesting new animal to look at is the Samsung DualView TL220 12MP Red Digital Camera. These new compacts come with a standard 3-inch LCD on the back and a small 1.5 inch LCD screen on the front side of the camera, net to the lens, to allow proper framing and composition of shots when taking self-portraits by holding the camera at arms length. A cool new feature for a hot new camera when gotten in red.

The good thing is, you’re limited to compact camera’s when it comes to crimson flavoured photographic equipment. Panasonic produces a version of their semi-professional Micro Four-Thirds format camera with interchangeable lenses, the Lumix G1, in a red too. It’s a very sophisticated piece of equipment with a good range of optics available in the growing micro four-thirds lens and camera format which allows for smaller lense assemblies. These camera’s are basically SLRs, but without the added bulk of the pentaprism on top. The viewfinder is instead an electronic one. Nothing quite says serious photographer like a red SLR, don’t you think?

If you’re really feeling very rich and would like to be the next Speilberg ratehr than the next Ansel Adams, you might want to consider another camera, which isn’t really red, but is callde Red. The RedOne digital cinematography camera and it’s newer siblings pioneered the move into (relatively) affordable digital cinematography in films and they have already been used on hundreds of productions. They mey not be red to look at, but they don’t need to be to be cool. Certainly the ultimate photographic red. All you need is upwards of $17,000 for the body for starters.

Whatever be your red photographic toy of choice, start saving now.