Skier in a red helmet on a slope

Skier in a red helmet wooshing down a slope
New Brunswick Tourism | Tourisme Nouveau-Brunswick / CC BY

As surely as our warm red blood courses through our arteries, the colour red has an unmistakable connection for us with vitality and speed. There is a reason the classic sports car is red. When demons are red, speed demons have no choice but to comply with the red colour code.

It’s nice to see that the red connection with uncontrollable speed works even in simpler things. This shot of a skier speeding down a slope in a red ski helmet would look a lot less dramatic and a lot slower to me if they were sporting a yellow or green ski helmet, for example. The red ads an urgency and vitality to it and with that comes the thrill of the sport and the rush and the drama of human power against the weather and natural forces, and the red of the finish line.

Bloodied Mime

Bloodied Readhead Mime
cc licensed flickr photo shared by buyalex

I’m not a fan of blood and gore, but the effect is obviously artificial after the first look at this picture, and it makes a for a very striking image. The redheaded woman in mime-like makeup and bold red lipstick, looking forlornly into the distance is intriguing enough, but why is her throat slit?