World Aids Day on December 1st

The (RED)™ project has an announcement on their blog about World Aids Day on the 1st of December. They’re hoping to further raise awareness by turning things red both online and off line.

The worlds of Facebook and Twitter are now important parts of any campaign, and global campaigns like the fight against AIDS and the movement to raise awareness about the prevention and management of the disease, are all the more able to use these new media to increase their footprint in popular consciousness.

That raised awareness is what World Aids Day is all about. People all over the world will wear red ribbons to show their solidarity with the cause, and to educate and inform those who are not as aware of the issues. Some cities have taken on this call for red on a larger scale, planning major public events and large public displays with a red theme to add to the exposure this gets.

Have a look at their site, do your bit, and above all else be aware. The major factor helping the spread of diseases such as these is ignorance, an affliction that does have a cure.


The Red Website is Live

I love the colour red. It’s the reason I picked up this domain name a while back, and at long last I have decided to make my own personal tribute blog to the colour red.

Here I will cover all things of interest related to the colour red, crimson, tides, scarlet splashes, and rouge objects. If it’s red it will be here. There’s no strict plan for this blog and I hope it grows organically as I work on it.

For now enjoy the journey and along with regular red posts, I also plan of putting up interesting red photographs on a daily basis.