Red velvet cupcake topped with berries

Red velvet cupcake topped with berries
roboppy / CC BY-NC-ND

As a girl I’m automatically supposed to be in lust with cupcakes, which lets face it are just cakes with make-up on. I like cakes, but the typical mass-produced, colourful cup cake does tend to be on the sweet side for me, and that’s before they dump all the icing sugar in the world on it in some suggestive shape.

This red velvet cup cake seem like a good idea to me because it does the one thing few cupcakes do, includes fresh berries or fruit. If you have to try to kill me with an over doze of sugar and food colouring, I’d like if there were some fresh fruit to offset the stickiness of sugar in my mouth. While red velvet cakes are quite a great thing, in spite of the sweetness, I’m quite sure this one topped with a plump red raspberry and some blue berries would be a superior version.

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