Red parasol in the bazaar

Red parasol in the bazaar
Chris JL / CC BY-NC-ND

The parasol or umbrella is a world-wide basic tool, but the red paper parasol remains a strong property of the East. Red parasols are woven into far eastern culture and myth, making them as much of a cultural symbol as a useful accessory. A red parasol filtering the sunlight that streams through dusty alleyways and narrow lanes, lends an air of the exotic to any street scene. Even if not set in the bazaars of the east, like this photograph here, a red parasol stands out from the rest, setting apart its bearer and begging the witness to ask questions of the one who bears it. Who they are, where they are headed and what story they will weave in the world. Like a bright red pin in a map, it calls attention to itself, and adding a certain mystery to the scenery. A red ‘X’ marking the spot, but to what treasures?

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