Red Microwave Oven

Red Microwave Oven
Feral Indeed! / CC BY-NC-ND

There’s that classic flat-coloured, enamel painted home appliance look favoured by artists of the heady 50s and my high-end brands of today in small numbers, and then there is the sort of electric shiny version of the coloured home appliance which we ended up with in the last three decades. This shiny metallic red microwave oven is a fine example of the latter. I guess it was an inevitable shift. Cars too had flat enamel style paint in past decades and these days we seem to favour the metallic shades, we’ve grown to see them as more modern and futuristic with flat colours being a sign of bygone times. Using the reverse logic, since customised sports cars are now getting vinyl matt color surfaces as the new hot thing, perhaps a matt red microwave will be finding its way soon to a kitchen near you.

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