Red dyed hair with a green fascinator

Red dyed hair with a green fascinator
pigeonpie / CC BY-NC-ND

Maybe I’m biased but I love red hair. There are those of us who are born red-headed and the very few who actually take on the colour red using hair-dyes. Either way, I think it is a striking and fascinating hair colour. I found this picture to be even more intriguing because not only does the model’s hair seem to be dyed red, but she is also sporting an eclectic set of fashions and accessories.

I quite like the dark blue satin dress she’s wearing which appears to be quite classical in its cut with a knotted collar. This fits in nicely with the fascinator in her hair which consists of a white rose motif surrounded by petals of peacock feather print. The green contrasts nicely, both in colour and style with the red hair and the simple lip ring adorning her pierced lower lip. All in all, a fascinating contrast of styles.

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