Oldstyle Red Pump

Bloodied Readhead Mime
cc licensed flickr photo shared by Tim Green aka atoach

I’ve always been a fan of old fire hydrants. There is something sculptural about them, and the same goes for old pumps like this one. The fact that this old red pump is set against a well-aged masonry building in the background, complete with stout chimneys, makes the image that much more satisfying.

Red Shoe Gardener

Woman in red shoes in a garden
cc licensed flickr photo shared by jesse.millan

A woman wearing bright red shoes, with classy handbag in tow, tip-toes into a garden to rummage through the bushes. A mysterious image that suggests a story behind it, but what that story is I could not say. The red shoes against the garden green, and the fact that you can only see her legs make it a very arresting image. I wonder what she’s looking for.

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