Mime makeup in progress

Mime makeup in progress
Potatojunkie / CC BY-NC-ND

In its basic form I’m sure the idea of mimes has existed since ancient times, an iconic silent performer who says a lot about the human condition. In modern form, mimes have narrowed down to a very specific performance style and a recognisable look. Love them or hate them, mimes have a very strong, distinct look which is contributed to in no small part by the accents of red they include in their elaborate make-up, a spot here, a tear there, a pair of red lips.

Once the make-up and costume is completely applied, the mime is nearly anonymous by design, an every-person, so it’s interesting to see this shot of the transformation from human being to performing symbol in this shot. The girl with the red lips and the mostly done mime make-up is touching up her dark eye lining, and you know she’s preparing to become the creature she is to be.

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