Kissing red lips framed in long red hair

Kissing red lips framed in long red hair
.f@rfie. / CC BY-NC-ND

There are a hundred theories about the reasons behind the attraction we feel as animal and intelligent being towards a pair of flushed, shapely lips on a face. The evolutionary psychologists point towards sexual symbolism, and psychological analysts would talk of the phase of oral fixation and the like. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, we remain very attracted and subdued and excited by a pair of red lips framed in a head of healthy hair.

As selfies of lips and hair and warmly lit skin goes, this is quite a great example. A very simple image, but the focus is one the lips and it doesn’t matter that the rest of the face is off the frame. The harsh lighting frames all of it perfectly, streaming through long hair and tantalisingly open mouth makes this perfectly sensual. Rarely do you come across photographs that, while raw, are so evocative.

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