Kiss Me Red

Bloodied Readhead Mime
cc licensed flickr photo shared by poolski

A hint of red lipstick on a pair of beautiful lips. A strong light that casts soft shadows on the face, and makes the skin glow. I believe in the world of computer graphics they call it Sub Surface Scattering. I call it beatiful. Sometimes it’s nice to see a detail like this almost without context or environment. It reminds us of how much we stop seeing out of habit.

Tomato Power

The health benefits of tomatoes as a food have been touted for some time now. They have a high vitamin C content which helps with heart disease and cholestrol levels in the blood stream.

It would seem the little red fruit still has some tricks up its sleeve.

… a team at Reading University has found that eating the fruit leaves one feel satisfied, suppressing the urge to snack, and also help one shed the excess weight …
… it could be because tomatoes are rich in compounds that alter levels of appetite hormones, making them an easy — and cheap — way to keep hunger pangs at bay. In fact, the study is based on findings from research into the benefits of enriching white bread with fruit as well as vegetables.

The research was being conducted to find out what effect vegetables have when used to fortify regular bread. It was thought high-fibre foods like carrot would make bread seem more filling to the eater, instead it was found that tomato added into bread had that effect.

Researchers believe this is the result of tomatoes regulating the level of appetite inducing hormones in the body. They have yet to pin point what component of the tomato is responsible for this effect, but it is suopected that Lycopene, the pigment that colours the fruit their red colour, might be responsible. The red pigment has already been found to have beneficial effects against cancer and infertility. More studies are required to see if this is yet another benefit of the tomato red.

[From News Hyderabad]

Red Signal Behind Wet Glass

Red Signal Behind Wet Glass
cc licensed flickr photo shared by

The dancing colours of a traffic signal behind a rain-drenched windscreen is a beautiful sight. A driving hazzard, certainly, but still a vision to behold. This almost abstract image captures it perfectly, and the classic green to contrast with the red light makes the image more stunning and attention grabbing. Nice.

Red Beach at Colour Lovers

Red Beach is a new colour palette that caught my eye at the Colour Lovers site after Armorial Red. You can see Red Beach here:

This is a fairly modern and friendly looking pallete of five colours which include: marine clean, Shot her Lover down, soft shell crab, skipping stone (a red), and French grey. If nothing else, I must give these people full marks for coming up with some really dramatic sounding names that makes the otherwise dry pastime of looking through colour palletes a bit more adventurous.

Red Beach is a very usable bunch of colours, which definitely has a hint of beach to it as the name suggests. Check it out at Colour Lovers.

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