Wonder Woman action figure sitting on a blue clock

Wonder Woman action figure sitting on a blue clock
massdistraction / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Wonder Woman’s red boots and red bustier are perhaps as iconic in the realm of super hero comics as Superman’s red cape. As with the Man of Steel and his colourful livery, Wonder Woman’s colours and costume have come to mean more than the mere character representation they were initially intended for. Over time she has come to represent a sort of female power which is not is active circulation as it was in the ancient world as a symbol of awe, which is only fitting considering here roots in Greek myth.

Strength has not been her only weapon and Wonder Woman has always been an intelligent, cunning and very human character, which makes this extremely light-hearted action figure all the more appropriate. Seen here sitting on a bright blue table clock, it’s nice to see that even the fictional demi-Gods have a light day at times.

Red Christmas Tree, or is it?

Red Christmas tree, or at least a Poinsettia Tree that looks like one
Southernpixel – Alby Headrick / CC BY-NC-ND

The Christmas tree has become one of the most recognisable shapes and symbols the world over, to the point where almost any tree or piece of foliage in that specific evergreen shape reminds us of the festivities. The colour red has also become intertwined with Christmas and so it’s not a surprise that in motifs and art and designs, the red Christmas tree shape is quite a common occurrence. There are also the occasional faux tress make of plastic or paper or other material in red, a growing trend with the increase in the need to celebrate Christmas more responsibly and without the sacrifice of a living tree. A real red Christmas tree is probably not far away with genetic engineering and hydroponic mass production, but for now we do try to replicate the effect with other naturally red leaves. This poinsettia tree, carefully decorated in the classic Christmas tree shape in Birmingham Botanical Gardens, is a fine example.

Red-wigged girl eating a strawberry

Red wig wearing girl eating a strawberry
chris.chabot / CC BY-NC

Red wigs have always reminded of clowns and red noses and large shoes, but wigs have had more than entertainment value in the past, from ceremony to uniform. With the birth of Japanese anime and its propensity for colourfully-haired characters, bright coloured wigs and hair became the staple of comic cons and the cosplay circuit. That aesthetic has slowly creeped into fashion, fantasy and all manner of popular culture.

It’s now easy to get your hand on brightly coloured wigs in most costume stores and even red hair dyes and the like in even regular cosmetic stores. Makes it easier for someone to make the striking visual connection between model, make-up and prop as in this stark shot of a model wearing a red-wig, eating a large red strawberry.

Red-uniformed parade band

Red-uniformed parade band
zilverbat. / CC BY-NC

The traditional red uniforms of marching bands have taken on a significance beyond their original nationalistic, military one. What was once the property of shows of force and pomp have found a wider use over the years, from being co-opted by the Beatles to a much broader and all-pervasive existence in the world today at a staple at weddings, and sometimes funerals in various parts of the worlds. From violence to celebration and mourning, and often comedy, the red uniform of a marching band has history and culture woven into it, an ever-changing significance in a splash of red, a felt hat and many musical noises.

Seen here are the silent performers of Stille Fanfare.

Ornate red leather diary

Red leather-bound book
Dave Heuts / CC BY-SA

A diary is a beautiful and personal thing, not to mention a remarkably useful tool if you are someone who lives in the realm of ideas. There is much said about little black books but red books are not to be underestimated. A red leather diary reminds you that it’s there, a very important effect for the procrastinating note-taker. Not all of us will be lucky enough to find an intricate leather-work piece such as this — that inset stone makes it most magical — but a serious looking leather-bound diary in red will remind you to write often and make sure you take what you right seriously, which is a good thing, even if you only scribble nonsensical thoughts frequently.

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