Bloodied Mime

Bloodied Readhead Mime
cc licensed flickr photo shared by buyalex

I’m not a fan of blood and gore, but the effect is obviously artificial after the first look at this picture, and it makes a for a very striking image. The redheaded woman in mime-like makeup and bold red lipstick, looking forlornly into the distance is intriguing enough, but why is her throat slit?

The Red Website is Live

I love the colour red. It’s the reason I picked up this domain name a while back, and at long last I have decided to make my own personal tribute blog to the colour red.

Here I will cover all things of interest related to the colour red, crimson, tides, scarlet splashes, and rouge objects. If it’s red it will be here. There’s no strict plan for this blog and I hope it grows organically as I work on it.

For now enjoy the journey and along with regular red posts, I also plan of putting up interesting red photographs on a daily basis.

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