Christmas Red Kettles Start Early

The Salvation Army has begun it’s annual campaign for Christmas donation with the festive season almost a whole 2 months away. They are calling for volunteers to man their traditional red kettle collection spots across the USA.

The red kettle campaign has been a regular event for many decades now, the original idea of placing a kettle to gather charity collections having started in the late 1800s, a tradition that has continued and which continues to be one of the most recognisable collection booths on the streets of America.

Red kettles have proved to be a very successful collection model, with the salvation army collecting many hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund their drives and activities for the underpriviledged, well into the new year and Thanks Giving. For now they would like more people to join up to stand at the collection spots, to take care of the red kettles, and to attract the passersby with christmas carols.

Over the years red kettles have had some interesting stories attached to them. There has been a growing phenomenon of anonymous contributions of gold and other precious metals, ranging from coins, to medals, to jewellery. Another aspect of the season which might be all the more important this year when the unemployment rate in the US has just hit double digits for the first time in decades.