Red Beach at Colour Lovers

Red Beach is a new colour palette that caught my eye at the Colour Lovers site after Armorial Red. You can see Red Beach here:

This is a fairly modern and friendly looking pallete of five colours which include: marine clean, Shot her Lover down, soft shell crab, skipping stone (a red), and French grey. If nothing else, I must give these people full marks for coming up with some really dramatic sounding names that makes the otherwise dry pastime of looking through colour palletes a bit more adventurous.

Red Beach is a very usable bunch of colours, which definitely has a hint of beach to it as the name suggests. Check it out at Colour Lovers.

Armorial Red at Colour Lovers

Some random browsing brought me to this palette of colours on the Colour Lovers site (The name already gets my approval!)

It’s called Armorial Red, and it is a palette of 5 rich colours named (I kid you not) Big Red, Just Upon a Smile, Hot Samovar, Blossom, and Vintage Carpet. That’s so cheesy, it’s brilliant! What’s not to like?

Going back to Armorial Red, it’s a very classic looking palette which shows hints of old early 20th century posters and advertising. There’s something of the old-world charm of ice-cream shops and drug stores to it, along with the obvious medieval coat-of-arms influences eluded to by the official name of the palette. All in all, a useful set of colours that can have a wide range of uses when sophistication and a certain grown-up playfullness is called for.

Colour Lovers looks like a great site, and I have a feeling I’m going to be visiting them often for further exploration. I’ll be sure to post any outstanding discoveries here.

The Red Website is Live

I love the colour red. It’s the reason I picked up this domain name a while back, and at long last I have decided to make my own personal tribute blog to the colour red.

Here I will cover all things of interest related to the colour red, crimson, tides, scarlet splashes, and rouge objects. If it’s red it will be here. There’s no strict plan for this blog and I hope it grows organically as I work on it.

For now enjoy the journey and along with regular red posts, I also plan of putting up interesting red photographs on a daily basis.