Tomato Power

The health benefits of tomatoes as a food have been touted for some time now. They have a high vitamin C content which helps with heart disease and cholestrol levels in the blood stream.

It would seem the little red fruit still has some tricks up its sleeve.

… a team at Reading University has found that eating the fruit leaves one feel satisfied, suppressing the urge to snack, and also help one shed the excess weight …
… it could be because tomatoes are rich in compounds that alter levels of appetite hormones, making them an easy — and cheap — way to keep hunger pangs at bay. In fact, the study is based on findings from research into the benefits of enriching white bread with fruit as well as vegetables.

The research was being conducted to find out what effect vegetables have when used to fortify regular bread. It was thought high-fibre foods like carrot would make bread seem more filling to the eater, instead it was found that tomato added into bread had that effect.

Researchers believe this is the result of tomatoes regulating the level of appetite inducing hormones in the body. They have yet to pin point what component of the tomato is responsible for this effect, but it is suopected that Lycopene, the pigment that colours the fruit their red colour, might be responsible. The red pigment has already been found to have beneficial effects against cancer and infertility. More studies are required to see if this is yet another benefit of the tomato red.

[From News Hyderabad]

Red Velvet Cake vs Devil’s Food Cake

I stumbled upon an interesting question. Interesting to all food lovers and lovers of desserts and festive foods at least. The Spirit Mind is wondering what the difference is between Red Velvet cake and Devil’s Food cake, and many readers have been kind enough to chip in on the discussion with everything from simple differences to recepies.

While it’s obvious that cake and confectionery recepies are rarely written in stone, the basic difference appears to be only one of colouring. As the name indicates, the Red Velvet cake uses more red food colouring to give it its signature dark-crimson colour, and cream cheese frosting (and possibly a dash of vinegar in the mix) to give it a slightly tangier flavour. Other than that the ingredients and contents appear to be quite on par.

An interesting discussion. I certainly learnt something new, and best of all, it’s food, and it’s cakes. What’s not to like about culinary indulgences? Did I mention Devil’s Food Cake usually includes a lot of chocalate? Yes, that too.

[From The Spirit Mind]